Partnering Together for Your Optimal Health

At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, we take a holistic approach to health care. We care for the whole person and look beyond just your symptoms by exploring how to help you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We take a personalized, individualized approach to your health and wellness. No two patients are ever the same so your healthcare shouldn’t be the same either.

Our current medical system is increasingly focused on specialized care. People generally see many different doctors across many specialties who never communicate with each other and address only one specific concern or condition. At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, it is just the opposite. We seek to understand the big picture and address the underlying conditions that contribute to your current health status. We ask the questions that other doctors haven’t asked and we take the time to get to know you and work together in a model to better understand your care. Only then can we help you develop a plan towards a lifetime of wellness.


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